Happiness, Joy, and Peace is within you. Let Spiritual Values and Karma guide your life for fulfillment.

Spiritual Living

Spiritual Living: Eastern Wisdom for Today is not a book about religion and rituals, but presents the realistic essence of spirituality and spiritual living in a practical framework of optimism, wisdom, and stimulus for experiencing the fullness of life. Spiritual understanding not only facilitates success but also gives a sound philosophical basis for purposeful living. It fosters genuine enthusiasm to live life fully, work earnestly, achieve success, have a family, help others, meditate regularly, grow spiritually, and to feel fulfilled and at peace. The intention of life is to realize the matters of the heart and spirit in the fulfillment of love, trust, joy, and respect. The book serves to integrate Eastern wisdom and Western practicality to attain enduring peace.

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About the Author
Mohan K. Sood grew up in Ropar-Chandigarh area of Punjab, India. After his graduation from Panjab University he came to Canada and earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of Western Ontario. Subsequently, he taught Earth Sciences at Northeastern Illinois University and served as Dean of Graduate College. Dr. Sood transitioned to California in 2002 to follow his personal passion for the spiritual wisdom of India.

He lives in Southern California and teaches courses/seminars on Eastern Spiritual Wisdom to enhance understanding of the wholeness of life, to live with inspired ideals, and to channel inner strength to rationally handle situations in life.