Happiness, Joy, and Peace is within you. Let Spiritual Values and Karma guide your life for fulfillment.

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This site is founded by Dr. Mohan K. Sood. It is fulfillment of his cherished vision to share eastern wisdom with global citizens to discover, to experience, to understand and to know the spirit within for inspiration to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

He received his M.Sc. from Panjab University, India and Ph.D. from University of Western Ontario, Canada. He enjoyed an active and productive career in teaching and research in geological sciences at Northeastern Illinois University and also served as Dean of Graduate College. He has lectured widely to promote science education, international/global education, environmental awareness, and public understanding of science.

Dr. Mohan K. Sood

Mohan transitioned from Chicago to California to pursue his passion. Since 2002, he has been writing a biweekly column for the Indian Reporter and World News on the philosophical and spiritual traditions of India to increase global understanding of Eastern Spiritual Wisdom and its relevance to the challenges of 21st century life. He presents special seminars/courses on Eastern Spirituality at colleges and universities as well as gives public lectures on spiritual solutions to questions and situations in life today.

His book, "Five Points of Value for a Fulfilling Life" was recently published. He is currently completing his book on Spirituality anticipated for publication in the near future.


Present essence of ancient spiritual wisdom for today. Condense, simplify, interpret, and synthesize vital precepts of eastern spirituality through selections from the honored texts.

Provide knowledge, education, appreciation, and self-discovery for peace, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

Trust in the purposefulness of life and realization of the spirit within.

Promote interfaith understanding.


Advance and Nurture Spiritual Values

One World and connected humanity.

Life is a meaningful totality.

See others in you and yourself in others. 

Expand spiritual awareness.

Encourage spiritual living.